Accelmed partners

Accelmed Partners

Accelmed Partners is a US based lower market private equity HealthTech fund, focused on Buyout and Growth Investments in commercial HealthTech
(>$10M LTM) companies.

Buyout Strategy

Acquiring commercial HealthTech companies and fostering significant value creation by supporting management teams, driving innovation, providing growth capital and potentially integrating innovative add-on technologies, largely from Israel.

Accelmed Partners brings its expertise in HealthTech and its presence in the US and Israel to the Buyout model. With a broad geographic lens and deep experience in the field, Accelmed is uniquely positioned to find and drive value for portfolio companies.

We are looking to partner with companies that have significant commercial infrastructure (>$20M LTM Revenue), an existing customer base and established sales channels, but that may lack new products and growth, and are interested in scaling and growing their businesses by gaining access to innovative products and growth capital.

Accelmed Partners targets equity investments of $10-50M per transaction.

The proceeds of our investments are used for both organic and potentially inorganic growth through the acquisition and integration of innovative market ready technologies identified and selected by Accelmed and the platform company management.

Structured Growth Strategy

Assist commercially proven companies to achieve their potential.

Accelmed Partners’ seasoned team helps companies address and solve their scaling and execution challenges.

We are looking to invest in mature HealthTech companies with proven commercial traction (>$10M of LTM Revenue) in need of growth capital and Accelmed’s support to get to liquidity.

We invest in de-risked commercial growth stage companies that have resolved their development/technical risks; clinical risks; regulatory risks; and reimbursement risks. Our primary focus is on reducing the execution risk. We partner with excellent management teams that can benefit from Accelmed Partner’s vast experience in the HealthTech industry.  

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